RPO's Message

Police is an indispensable element of society committed to ensure the protection of fundamental rights and to provide public security. The mission of police is to be executed within the framework provided in the law. Sargodha police is committed to its core values of impartiality, honesty, merit, transparency and accountability. Sargodha Region Police aims to ensure that citizens of the region feel safe and have an assurance that police is there to respond to their calls of distress. Professional competency and capacity building of the police is also being ensured through regular trainings. As a regional head of police it is my duty that police in my area of responsibility is fully professionally competent, service oriented and accountable while criminal elements will find police tough on them. Police Khidmat Marakaz and Front desks & Police Khidmat Counters in DHQ Hospitals have been established in the entire region in order to ensure easy access of public to police. RPO Office will welcome any sort of suggestions or feed back from the public.


Afzaal Ahmed Kauser, PSP
RPO, Sargodha